My Top 5 Favourite Affirmations

    If you know about the Law of Attraction, then you'd know that you can manifest some great things. While you believe and give thanks and wait for what you desire, keeping up a positive mindset will aid the manifestation process in surprising ways!

    One easy way to go about this is by speaking (or thinking, journaling, or meditating on) positive affirmations. What we repeat over and over through our thoughts, words, and attitudes will inevitably come true at some point! When we want to manifest our desires, it is paramount that we remain expectant and optimistic. Here are six favourite affirmations that I use daily to help me do this:

    *Please note that I use the term "Universe". You may substitute this label with whatever speaks to you and lines up with your own faith.*


    Affirmation 1

    "Thank you"

    This simple message to the Universe is so, SO important to remember. When we practice gratitude and give thanks for what we have and what we're about to receive, it puts us in a mindset of appreciation and thankfulness. Just as you'd rather give a gift to someone who would love it and be grateful for it, the Universe seems to do the same. In my experience, when I start my day by practicing gratitude, I find that manifesting my desires comes easier and the day just seems so much better.

    I practice gratitude throughout the day. Every time something goes as planned or an unexpected good thing happens, I say a quick "thank you!" The practice starts first thing in the morning.


    Affirmation 2

    "I am filled with Love and Light"

    What we're filled with is what we "put out", so to speak. When we fill our lives with loving thoughts, words, and attitudes, we tune ourselves into a higher positive vibration. A better "headspace", if you will. This helps us to invite the wonderful things, people, and events that we desire into our lives.

    Saying this to myself every morning on the way to work helps me to get into a calm and level space before I even walk in the door. My interactions with colleagues, parents, and the children in my care are even more joyful and caring. When I allow myself to be filled with the Light and Love of the Universe, my good mood isn't easily rattled by negative words or energies thrown out by others.


    Affirmation 3 

    "I have a healthy body and a beautiful mind"

    This gentle reminder to yourself works wonders. Like I said, what we tell ourselves ultimately becomes our reality. Why not make it a healthy and beautiful one?


    Affirmation 4

    "All of my needs are met"

    This can go along with the last one. When we worry about where our money, food, or other needs are going to come from, we shift into a "lack" mentality. Which doesn't help at all. When we worry and feel like we won't have enough - even though the worry itself may be valid - what we're saying to the Universe is "I don't have enough! I'm lacking!"

    When we remember that the Universe knows what we need, and wants to fulfill those needs, we can rest. Everything necessary will come to us; all we have to do is remind ourselves that we are cared for, and remain hopeful and thankful for the abundance that is coming our way.



    Affirmation 5

    "All shall be well"

    Everything in your life is going to work for your greatest good. Trust that the Universe cares about you and knows what your best interests are. Enjoy your life while you wait for what you want to attract. The more you enjoy, the more awesome things are going to enter your life.


    I hope these will give you some inspiration, and if you have any affirmations you'd like to share, let me know what they are!








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