Reiki For Beginners (Part II)

    In our last post, we discussed what Reiki healing is, its history, and its applications. And we had fun! Thank you all for reading :)

    But now I'm back to go into more detail on this healing method and to answer a few questions.

    Does Reiki "wear off" over time?

    Nope! Once you have received an attunement, you have Reiki for life. You can always have additional treatments and attunements done if you want, though.

    How do you receive a Reiki attunement? Why is that so important?

    Most people interested in Reiki attend a workshop or class taught by a Reiki Master. These workshops are usually 1-2 days and can go from a few hours to a full day with a lunch break. The Master will channel the loving Reiki energy to the student (in my case, she helped us get into a meditative state, drew the power symbols in the air, and tapped them into our palms with her fingertips. Then we said a prayer and later talked about what happened).


    During this time, students learn the basics of Reiki Level I (sometimes also Level II). In the Reiki Level I & II workshop I attended, we covered the basics of Level I on the first day, received two attunements, and then did the same for Level II the next day. We also discussed the spiritual realm, how to safely apply Reiki to your life, and how to give Reiki by laying hands on ourselves and each other (there were only two of us in the class!). And then on day two, we learned how to send distant Reiki and received our third attunement.

    I then received my master attunement in June 2019.

    As stated in Part I of this post, Reiki healing can only be given to those who are attuned to the Reiki energy. But it's okay, everyone is capable of becoming attuned.


    What is the attunement like? 

    The actual attunement process is amazingly unique for everyone who undergoes it, and I can offer my own experience.

    The attunements were very surreal for me. Reiki is interesting; during the attunement process, the energy is channeled from the Master to the student. They literally transfer the energy to you by touching you! Neat, right?

    I'll simplify this as much as I can. During all three attunements, I felt vibrations throughout my body and saw images with my mind's eye. There were flashes of blues and purples, an image of an outstretched hand holding a bowl, a being with an orange aura with their arms outstretched. At one point I visualized a tree with a pink halo around it. "The tree of Life" echoed in my head.

    It was wonderful! I'll be sure to go into more detail on my attunement experiences in future posts if you're interested.


    What are the effects of Reiki?

    There are a lot of answers to this. Reiki has multiple aspects of healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some people feel healing in a particular area of the body that was causing problems. Others achieve a sense of overall wellness and balance, or a stronger spiritual connection.

    During multiple sessions, you may begin to feel a deeper and deeper sense of healing each time.

    Read some more interesting things people have experienced during a Reiki session!


    What religion is this connected to?

    Reiki is not a religion, nor is it tied to any one organized religion or sect. That said, people of various faiths (including Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, etc.) and the non-religious alike enjoy the benefits of Reiki.

    The International Association of Reiki Professionals says it best:

    "One way to think of Reiki is as a spiritual practice that complements any particular faith to promote physical and emotional healing."
    (IARP, n.d.)


    Everyone's personal interpretation of Reiki will be different, but in all, the healing energy comes from the one Highest Spiritual Source in the Universe. Call It whatever you like; It loves you and wants to help.


    I'm so glad I have others to share my passion for Reiki and wellness with; thank you for taking the time to learn and grow with me.



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